How we easily kill ourselves

We set out on a difficult project, get super excited and get working on it. Fast. Quick.

And then something dangerous happens. On day 3, you tend to feel less excited / less adventurous / less inspired as it happens in all creative endeavours. So what does the victim do? Simple. Go post about their hallucinations on the social media. They will get a few likes, some comments and definitely few people who also feel victimised like them. What’s next? The art / the project / the game changing insight becomes non-existent.

Meanwhile, someone as uninspired in the middle, as intimidated and as unadventurous as them, simpler made a decision: to make it through the rut. To chisel the dragon in its neck by showing up, no matter how much the rational mind questioned. And guess what? Person 1 is still posting on social media and Person 2 has already made their project happen, enjoyed the visit to the mountains and started working on the next project.

One decided to kill him / her self, the other decided to save the world.

You always have the choice.