How to change things you do not like

Visualisation and magical thinking aren’t easy. They are very important.

What will dig you out of the caves is taking inspired action in line with what you want your destiny to look like. It is not what song is playing in your mind, it is how you respond to it and make it real. All the things that we see around ourselves were made by people no different from us. They had only two differences from the one who could not achieve big things: Focus and grit.

Focus, the ability to concentrate single mindedly on the task at hand. Sans your devices.

Grit: It is not what you have that matters, it is what you do with what you have that makes the entire difference. Life is always a happy life if it is lived out on the skinny branch of calculated risks and happiness quotients.

The best way to think of it is this way: would you be satisfied upon having lived an average life and dying today? If yes, then leave this blog and go be happy. If no then when is the best time to start? Because you know it from your experience, that tomorrow never actually pops up. You just make it happen today.

Please choose. Your inner self is sick and tired of seeing you sick and tired. Go make the change. Please. Now. Today.