You are not alone

When you set out to beat the convention, when you decide wholeheartedly to follow your heart and also start taking actions towards that, when you simply decide to be happy irrespective of people leaving you or throwing stones at you or condemning you for no reasons, you are on the very true level of human uplifting.

Making the decision to stay happy and keep going is the act that threatens most people. They will do everything that is in their control to virtually kill you.

Stay the course. Keep walking and moving forward. Give no one the key to stop you.

The only cue available to you when you are walking on the right path is this: neglects, mass criticism and veryyyyy little or no acceptance. A hero is formed when they become this negativity-proof, no matter what.

Remember, in this journey you are not alone. Maya Angelou said, “I come as one, I stand as 10,000”. There are examples of people who have walked this path and have excelled because of their determination, grit and perseverance.

Not one, not a single human being has died because of following the path of their heart.

You are not alone. Providence moves too, for the courageous and infinite heart. You are never alone. And you can never do it alone. Walk on the shoulders of giant examples and walk with the Infinite Power and you will never be alone.