Our own idea of knowledge

New Delhi railway station has a stall that serves juice extracted from fresh apples. Every single day of the year. The corner stall outside the cafeteria and water cooler you must have noticed if you happened to travel by Rajdhani / Shatabdi trains.

While the concept is to serve “healthy” beverage, let us consider the reality. One, an apple a day keeps the doctor away only if eaten at the right time of the year and not perennially. Two, juice by its very nature is concentrated sugar even if freshly extracted; because the solid part that makes the fruit complete is no more there. So eat raw fruit for real health vis-á-vis concentrated sugar. (Bonus point: name one healthy strong human being who is healthy because of juices 🥤. You would find zero). Three, of all things, juices are not filling and you will ultimately eat something despite having the concentrated sugar. Such an opposite of good deal!!

How often has it happened that the facts that you considered to be utterly true popped out to be fully flawed? People, situation, perspectives all took a u-turn when the subjectivity of the knowledge changed.

Knowledge itself is not power. It is the step to gaining internal power over thine own self. And to be acceptable towards the fact that your and mine knowledge are not the end. The sea is infinite and the ocean is vast. Ego is the enemy in real sense, as Ryan Holiday beautifully puts it.