Remember why

When your spirit is shattered

When nothing is the only thing you could see

When the number of haters is more than the number of loving people

When your way seems lost

When you are distrusted

When you lose your focus and diminish your balance

When you are afraid to make the next move

When things do not go as they were supposed to move

When you are given the crown of allegations and accuses and abuses

When there comes a big jolt wearing the mask of a nice human being

When “it” is simply not happening….:

Remember WHY you started in the first place

…..To experience the love from within that you had been searching outside

….To make the world an amazing place by your presence

….To let joy flow through you

….To give blessings to your critics

….To live in delight of this beautiful gift called life

….And above all, to make your story the Best Story ever. No Matter What.