Books you cannot afford to live without

As the withered leaves shed from the powerful trees in every place visible, hope your life is making some sense here. And sometimes it doesn’t. All the very purpose of life is to keep walking. Resentment, guilt, anger, brooding over past: none of this is going to bring back the desired outcome of the past as per your wishes. It has happened. Do your best what you can do now, and keep working. Your work is not yet done.

With that in mind, I hope you are enjoying the weekend like all the superstars do. They learn new things instead of working to earn money to waste it on the weekends to fill the hole that money can never fill, only inner fulfillment can. Btw guess what, once you take care of inner fulfillment, the prosperity and outer success take care of themselves.

So I wanted to help you out on gaining more of inner fulfillment by sharing the following list of books that will shake you to the core and at that place you will meet yourself, because a master is a beginner who never stopped beginning.

  1. Solve for happy by Mo Gawdat: A real life engineered path to happiness. The Chief Business Officer of Google X recounts his experience of losing his 21 year old son to a preventable medical mistake, yet the way he experiences peace is by living the way his son always did. This book will make you cry, and the person you will become post reading this one and before this, will never be quite the same, for the deepest part of you will be awakened and a dimmed light will have been ignited. Thought is an illusion, baby!
  2. Linchpin by Seth Godin: If you exist, you have got to, got to read this book. Period.
  3. Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois Lelord: The psychiatrist Hector goes out to explore what makes people happy. When he comes back to his job, people haven’t changed, nor have the circumstances; however the way Hector has come to terms with life have definitely made him a happier person. The perfect treat for a 100 minute flight.
  4. A Second Chance by Catherine Hoke: Have you ever made a mistake that you wish no one ever knew about? Go get this book to shed off the burden off your shoulders.
  5. This is What You are Looking For by yours truly: A short, practical guide to taking the small leaps in your life by actually becoming the change you truly want. You will be guided and most importantly, you will be accepted where you are. Get the book here and ebook here.

That is the wisdom I am soooo proud to share with you. It comes from an e-mail I sent to the amazing people on my list long ago and was really power packed. So it is my obligation to share it with you. The only way to transform the world is to transform your own self and the only way to transform your own self is to unlearn what all has been keeping you stuck so that you open up within and that simply radiates on the outside.

Go make all of us proud and definitely read those books, especially the last one. 😊