You don’t know what they did to me…

You don’t know what they did to me and how good I had been to them. Sounds familiar?

Here is the ground-breaking reality: do not be good to people in the hope of receiving that goodness exponentially back. You might not know that when you were actually needing them, maybe they just got a sprain in their ankle while driving.

Your goodness is in no measure determined by goodness of others. That is trade. Tit for tat. Do good or get lost.

Your goodness is rather one of the most precious and priceless gifts anyone could ever receive. Because you are generous and you care. And because that is priceless, no one’s, no one’s bad mood can ever buy it.

Retaining your goodness is essential also for the fact, that people are in big pain right now hence they use unkind words without filtering them. They simply are doing their best; they just know little.

Since you know better, let go of them and shine in your glory without allowing anyone to dim your light. Do not allow anyone to take away you from you.