The deepest layers

Go within your deepest layers.

Why are you doing it anyways? For the money, recognition, appreciation, to prove it to him / her, to run away from him / her, to get lost, to be loved, to face yourself, to impress people, to make you forget the pain, for the constant chase of what, people?

You need to have the purpose clear. Uber clear. Clearer than the stainless glass window.

Visit it daily. Review it weekly. Reflect upon it consistently.

Because no human being, no one other than yourself, has the right to determine what you are doing to feel and how are you going to lay out a plan in your lifetime.

People may ridicule you, criticise and complain about you; however none of them have the right to decide your life path. No one of them.

You hold the baton. Your life has to be lived by you.