The most basic need

The most basic need for each one of us is to feel our feelings. Because if we do not feel them, they do not go away. The energy just gets repressed within our system and then we wonder all of a sudden why 10 years down the line we are diagnosed with cancer.

People, if you could do one thing to help yourself out, feel your emotions. It could be:

  • writing them down in your journal
  • talking them out while taking a walk in the woods
  • talking with a trustworthy friend
  • meditating by observing your thoughts without judgement
  • Or probably sitting in your balcony with coffee and thinking.

You cannot be superawesome for the world if you have not resolved the inner knots within.

Knowing that all have their inner conflicts to deal with, the wise resolve them. Not at once, rather every time when they crop up. And in so doing, they fulfil their basic need to add life to their years.