Rehearsal, please?

If you were an actor and somehow the last scene did not work out fine, what would the actor do?

  • Reflection
  • Rehearsal of the next scene based out of that reflection

Would the successful artist spend more time on the past scene or preparing for the next scene?

Would there be more chaos or more dealing with challenges?

Would there be regrets or restoration?

Would there be blame game or absolute personal responsibility?

Would there be tease and sleaze or ease and peace?

Every moment of life, you get to choose where to focus on. The thing that you are going to focus on is not going to pop out in a situation under fire.

The emotional power, the journey of being stable and set on your seat of undeterred decisive consciousness happens over a period of compounding. This compound interest, like any other compound interest requires investments such as:

  • Learning from books and courses
  • Saying no to toxic influences
  • Reflection
  • Spending time in solitude
  • Spending time connecting with people
  • Having the discernment to balance between the above two

All the above come from just one thing: decision.

You get to decide, what is the life that you choose.