Don’t let the suffering go without….

Yep, you read the title right. Do not let the suffering go….do not let the suffering go away without letting it teach you the lesson it brought together with itself.

Oprah says it so well, that all the routes lead to the same destination that you have been looking for. There are no detours.

All roadblocks, all tears, all hurts, all resentments, all the incorrect decisions, all the past mistakes all have been shouting at you to learn the lessons that your life is here to teach you. Once you learn the lessons the suffering taught you, all of a sudden it catches wings and flies away.

Tears and pain are probably the pathway to let learning, joy, bliss and unconquerable happiness enter in.

If you resist the pain on your platter, you resist your growth.

If you accept the pain, find things to be grateful for in those challenging times, you would have forever changed your life for the amazing.

Btw, you never know, how lessons learnt from your sufferings may save someone’s life, literally.