The journey and trials

If you think your trials, tribulations, hurt, psychomas, are all unique to you, they are not.

We all go through our periods of victories and valleys. When there are victories, enjoy them and be grateful for them. When there are valleys, be grateful for understanding the importance of victories even more.

Remember, your worst nightmare is someone else’s (precisely 98 % of the world’s) biggest fantasy. This helps to put things in perspective.

The only way to handle trials is to understand that the best life is a colourful life. There are no detours. Just a deeper understanding of the right path.

And remember, there are two kinds of life:

  1. To live an amazing life by learning from valleys.
  2. To be average and do nothing and be nothing, die at 25 and be buried at 80.

Like every single time, you have a choice.