What you seek is seeking you

Rumi says it so beautifully (the mystic is buried so deep into our consciousness that we use the word “says” instead of “said” because of the eternal nature of his creations) that “what you seek is seeking you”, which is the reality of all that is.

What we all are seeking, in some degree or another, is validation for ourselves. Most of the times people who are energy vampires do land up in validation from their tribe.

The striking, breathtaking reality is, the game changers, the minority who change the world, the crazy ones, also need validation. It is fine, because we all love to be liked.

The only difference between both categories is:

  • One seeks it from outside (people, gossip, mindless movies, viral videos, etc.)
  • The other category seeks it from within. They have huge demand on themselves in terms of working out, meditation, inner dialogue and most importantly, how and with whom they spend their time with.

We all just need to decide. And when decided, nothing can shake a determined mind.