Our sense of delusion

Our broken sense of delusion allows us to look at ourselves as broken, incapable of doing new things and unwilling to create the change that we seek to create.

All this leads to a hallucination that, more or less, tells that we are bad.

The reality is, we all have our own periods of self-doubt and hurts, and a colourful life is filled with both peaks and valleys. It stops us from believing that there is something inherently wrong with us. Nothing is wrong, it just is.

It is simply the process of becoming from caterpillar to butterfly that creates all the mess and happiness.

Mess is hard.

Fighting it is the only easy option available. It drains out the possibility of losing.

It makes us believe in ourselves and be relentless in pursuit of awesomeness, no matter where we are in our journey towards life. That beginner’s cap, makes us understand that our sense of delusion is simply our fears and insecurities made verbal. The only way to make them go away is by taking action.

Action is power.

Consistent, thoughtful action is superpower.