The darkness

The darkness on the outside means nothing if there is light on the inside.

The opinions of people matter to the extent we make those opinions matter.

The best way to take care of the world is to take care of yourself.

The only way to let go of what people say to you is understand, that they are in deep pain. A fully functional human being could not hurt a mosquito.

The only way to longevity is lifelong learning. No other AI had been invented so far.

The only way to get people to do great things is through the way of love, never the other way round.

The way to lifelong happiness is taking responsibility for what you could have done better, letting go of narcissists totally out of your aura, focusing on making the world and its people amazing by the work you do; and more than anything else, following the right routines every single day of your life.

Darkness holds meaning till the time we are wasting our time pondering over it. What may see like a darkness to one may seem like the dawn before super sunshine.

We all see the same world through the different lenses we wear.

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