Rights of exclusivity

Exclusivity means that right you own, and you own it because you have earned it or inherited it.

Certainly, you are here because you have gone through the pain of earning it. The pain. Why is it sooo important to go through the process of feeling painful to reach to the top?

Because guess what, go to a movie, and everything is good in the start, in the middle, in the end and the movie gets over. How many viewers would that movie get? Zero.

On the contrary, look at any great company, star athlete or anyone rocking the world with awesomeness through their work: underneath that is pain, the grind of going through the process of working through it: that is going to make all the difference.

It is easy to have it all when you inherit it, except one thing: you do not really care when it lands up without doing the task. It is simple and effortless to do the hustle and go through the pain: that is how this world is changed.