What does purity mean?

  • To be honest in your interactions even if your voice shakes, even if you know your honesty would be ridiculed
  • To be kind to the unkind
  • To let go of all the burdens that we have been carrying (will actually help in shedding physical weight)
  • To cook food in a meditative state, eat in meditative state (and most importantly, eat only vegetarian pure food) – Wonderful life changer
  • To treat your family with love and respect (they are the foundation of happiness)
  • To give more than you take
  • To pluck flowers from a basket full of flowers and weeds

You see, purity is not a high rising thing that is left to be exercised on an annual retreat away from the world.

Real purity, is to implement these steps, by being in the world and not of the world.