Life before death??

Why do we need to wonder for life after death? Why not wonder do we have a life before death?

Are you going through your days as a dead person? Is there energy and vitality and happiness in your life? Do you feel excited to get out of bed every morning or is it simply a rut of following the chores of daily life?

Like everything else, we are too much focussed on the future that we forget to acknowledge what is there on our platter.

Why life after death? Make this life exciting. How do you do that? Every plant grows because it is watered. If you stop watering the plant, it dies.

So is the equation with life. Water your life every day. If you have the time and money to invest for your car, your kitchen, your interior decoration, why not a little time of 10 minutes daily for yourself with very little investment?

Then you won’t have the time to ponder and wait for death. Your life will be the poetic example of possibility and immense power.

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