When people try to pull you down

When people try to pull you down, it is because they are at a lower place than you.

Do not get diluted by them. Keep walking forward and show them what’s possible.

Few thousand years ago, the human beings used to live on the savannah. They used to move in groups always in order to be protected from being eaten up by the sabertooth tiger.

Here is what most people fail to understand: that clinging to group instinct kept us safe thousands of years ago in jungles. Now here we are, in the safety of our luxury homes, having all needs and wants met: yet we fear getting away from the herd.

The status quo feels comforted on being more full and hurt on being abandoned.

In reality, great things get done when we are with the people yet marching our own path because that is the right thing to do.

To be the best version of you when practically all oppose you: because sometimes the only person believing in you is going to be the person in the mirror. If you persist in those times, nothing and no one, could ever touch you.