Fear of missing out? On what? Probably societal approval, probably on not being silently slayed away from the herd, probably the need to fit in is making its roots too deep.

So what do most people do out of fear? They give in. They call it “Fear of missing out” or the cool millennial lingo FOMO.

Well, when you walk around with people who do not resonate where you belong, when you know you are simply being someone else, and most importantly, when you know that know it, there is a bigger FOMO baby:

Fear of missing out on yourself.

Are you surely ready to betray the person in the mirror?

Rumi, the great mystic and poet said:

We all are walking each other home.

It is your responsibility not only for yourself, rather for every human who crosses your path, to show them how life works; and the only way to do it is living that authentic life yourself.

No other way.