Make a choice

Even if you are not aware, you are always making a choice. To choose between the unhappy version of you or to choose to be happier.

We think that we need some rocket science to change the game for us. Even if rocket science came up to magically transform the game, it won’t work because we won’t have changed our habits and lifestyle to get aligned with the change.

The key, then, is not to look for revolution, rather have tiny daily leaps of evolution that make you a stronger, better person.

Someone who can trust the person in the mirror for being authentic and driven and crazy and work in progress all at the same time.

Today, make the choice to make yourself worthy of deserving all the dreams that you have so beautifully crafted. Today, have a present that your bright future is undeniable.

You can do it, only by making consistent progress daily. That is how Taj Mahal was built. That is how the beautiful city of Rome was crafted. That is how you are now, one small step for yourself at a time.