Pain is such a power

Getting outta your comfort zone is painful. It makes you lose the scared lethal comfortable part of you and feel the pain to become someone new.

Well guess what? This pain will soon go away because you are so present and connected to the deepest part of you; you are feeling alive.

There is another kind of pain. Pain of coasting through life not taking any risk. An unexamined life is not worth living however an unlived life is not worth examining. It is simply photocopy of the same day for 80 years!

Well guess what? This pain of comfort will last all your life if you do not get out of your own way and start making growth as your oxygen.

Pain has great power. In order to harness that power, you have got to feel that pain. How will you ever know what you are made up of if you will numb your pain in the daily frenzy of paying your bills and never seeing what life wants to offer you? How???