Maybe you have made a terrible mistake because of which you have hurt yourself and everyone around you. Maybe the nature of the mistake is such that it is irreversible, like all mistakes are.

Whatever was supposed to happen, has happened. It is past. Over.

How you rectify your present is totally up to you. How you use your mistakes to have a better future and also to be the light for everyone witnessing is also up to you.

Always remember, everyone makes mistakes. Maybe you are not even aware of what mistakes “really cool” people around you have made.

It requires a great courage to accept the fact that you made a mistake in a world that rewards flawless social media posts. Most people would rather addict themselves to scrolls and swipes instead of getting real and accepting themselves where they are.

So here is it: if you have ever made a huge, grand mistake that is making you feel guilty, just remember that acknowledging it is the beginning of you taking the right path.

Stop beating yourself up, learn the lessons that mistake brought you which definitely, definitely transformed you into a better person, and most importantly, share your lessons with the world so that someone else is saved from making the same mistake.

Use your mistake as a tool, to teach people to take charge of their lives and never lose themselves.