When you feel like doing nothing

When you feel like doing nothing, when boredom, anxiety, anxiousness have replaced excitement and energy for life; and most importantly, when you feel you are not making much of an impact, remember this:

The peak that you are seeking is just a few steps away, however you just need to get off the couch and start taking those baby steps you know in your heart you must be taking.

No one, no one ever becomes a sensation overnight. Look at any celebrity and underneath their stardom there is loads of discipline: discipline of overcoming self doubt, beating procrastination, letting go of what cynics thought of them, and allowing what is trying to emerge from within.

How do we allow what is trying to emerge from within ourselves?

By getting out of our own way.

Every celebrity started from nobody to dreamer to doer to achiever to go getter. No exceptions.

Create your way the way you want to, with perseverance never seen in common hours and sooner than you thought, you will discover that the demons within that used to control you no longer try to face you ever.