Fear is made verbal in anger

Do you know some people who get angry at any time? Or probably someone who will find something bad in the most positive situation?

Here’s the life lesson to learn: Do not ever become like them.

The one who gets angry or criticises is in deep pain. Pain of never leaving the herd like you are doing and crushing it in your life each day. Pain of never following that inner wisdom that nudged them to follow their heart.

The best part is, they won’t tell you: “Your fearlessness triggered an unhealed trauma within me.” Hilarious, and true. They would simply say something so bad that you would be triggered to status quo so that they feel a little less worse.

The solution then, to all the stones being thrown at you, is to not notice them, be compassionate for the ones throwing them, and most importantly, give a pat on your back for escaping the primal thoughts and creating your own Universe.

Every genius has one common characteristic: they are called as mad and foolish and funny.

Learn to dance with it and 95% of problems surrounding you will disappear.