Being kind when angry

Anyone can be angry when they are supposed to, when the subordinate does not listen to them, when someone cuts them in traffic, and without a reason most people take the privilege to be angry at their family.

If there was a different way….

….not to act, rather to think..

Let’s think: when it is natural to show anger, compassion and understanding are most needed.

The person on whom anger is being inflicted upon is a valuable and irreplaceable mother / father / child / sibling of someone. That person is the pride of someone sitting thousands of miles away in anticipation of the fact that their pride is raising the bar of their happiness every single day.

Once we accept this fact, it not only becomes impossible to get angry; also we explain with the backdrop of understanding vis-á-vis proclaiming orders.

That moment of remaining composed, when anger was all natural, is the real game changer to exponential limits we had never dreamed of.