It’s nominal

Some nominal expenses humans do not give a second thought before occurring:

  • a day’s salary of house help, thinking it would make no difference to us and a big one to them
  • phone cover
  • a few bucks to get that coconut water or sugarcane juice from the roadside vendor
  • tipping the guy who just inflated air in our car’s tyres

Yet there are a lot of nominal expenses that humans do not give a second thought and must give quite a lot of thought before occurring:

  • squandering time versus creating our dream project (even if it means 5 minutes a day)
  • spending time with energy draining friends who drain out our positivity and vitality
  • stalking someone versus strengthening our character
  • listening to radio versus audiobooks on the commute

Some nominal expenses do not cost us much, and some cost a fortune.

A clear parameter to discern would be: impact. If what you are doing creates an impact on the world, even if it means small number of people in the beginning, it is worth giving attention and time to.