The battle of rights and likes

We’d all love to have a lot of chocolate, albeit we don’t have it because it will spoil our health.

Chocolate is like, not eating it is right.

How often does it happen, when something is “liked”, “not right” and we still do it?

It is not because we are bad. It is simply because we have not analysed the consequences on our happiness.

So at any point of time you feel like galloping the right for the current temptation, ask yourself:

“Am I giving myself the permission for the consequences and am I ready to suffer the pain that will come along with it?”

You will not only get your answer, something more magical will happen:

  • You will feel greater degree of self control
  • There will be lesser urge to go to your back-up people and will make you more of having their back 🙌🏻

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