Roar of regrets

Most people regret not following their dreams.

There are also ones who regret not following up on their dreams.

A very well respected friend whom everyone around him thinks to be an approachable, people person shared his.

He plays cricket for a sports ministry and wanted to make career in it. In his midlife currently and playing since school days he wanted to pursue career in cricket. Since he did take a lot of steps towards it and probably failed, he now complains that because of his dream of cricket he could not do anything else.

This is called sad follow-up with dreams.

Don’t we all fail?

Isn’t that the price for true success?

More than that, haven’t we all had dreams that were shattered into pieces?

Yes we all have. Every single person has. Even the most successful person has failed more than what has been published about them.

Failure is inevitable. What is most important is to fall in love with your dream more than failure.

I feel sorry for my friend because he thinks he could have been better, yet didn’t find himself worth it. Only blessings to him.

How do you reward yourself with self love daily by inching a step closer to your dreams?

A big project does not come alive in a day, yet did you do what you were supposed to do in a day?