Four wheeler suitcase

A lot of people use two wheels while dragging a four wheeler suitcase.

Do they want to lift heavy weights? Probably not.

Are they not aware that the suitcase contains four wheels? They are, they spent a little more buying them.

Then what makes two wheels disappear while using a four wheeler suitcase?

Because they have a habit.

A habit of being so married to the past that their eyes cannot recognise the potential the present has right in front of them.

This is how most humans function.

They scroll through social media because they are ignoring the potential their marvellous brain has.

They stalk someone who hurt them, waiting for those to be hurt; probably because they have not used their infinite potential to create infinite happiness.

They do not talk to a rude colleague probably because they have not been kind to themselves still.

What if we experiment a truer reality: “A wild animal is easier to tame than a fool man.”

What if, for the next quarter we thought about becoming wiser? Not to show it to others, rather because we do not want to show it to others.

What if, we took care of our inner well just like we take external care of someone admitted in ICU?

Because the kind of environment we all are in, we need nothing less than intensive care.