Intention of impressing

*Okay, my today’s post will be focused on making sure I get at least xx number of likes.

*If I start posing like KJo, probably I will garner more retweets.

*If only they could tell me the reason behind so many likes they have.

It is noteworthy to observe that the person who designed the “Like” button on Facebook now has a media agency to manage her social media because it seems quite emotionally exhausting.

“Like” is the new smoking. Smoke took away your lungs, App Store takes away your soul.

The goal is not to be enslaved by 👍🏻, ❤️ or 💭.

The goal is probably to find your friends online, follow those wild animals being shot on NatGeo, or even to pursue your community’s activities as the leader. None of these require you to like / tag them. (P.S.: If your friends really love you and vice versa, it would make zero difference if no online likes happened. Trust me dude on this one.)

And amidst all this, definitely have the sense of control that you own the smartphone and it does not own you.

How to do that? Early next week I am starting a free online “Own your soul” session for guys and girls on my mailing list, that aims to allow people use their phone for its advantages, and not be used by it.

Come on it’s your phone, not that cranky boyfriend/girlfriend that you will be used again 😎. Not any more. Sign up for my mailing list here.