The Artist’s Block

The natural thing to follow a long walk is: halt. The natural instinct to follow a creative journey is block. It is the same feeling when you don’t feel like going to office one beautiful Wednesday morning.

Are these blocks necessary? Necessary or not, they do happen.

Our goal is not to eliminate them, our goal is to dance with them. It is like if you have good teeth, you are unlikely to have a “brushing” block because it is non-negotiable for you. Or probably if you are addicted to working out you will hardly ever have a gymming block. Let’s take the example of a cranky uncle / aunty type friend in your group. They will never have a gossip block.

If these people and their favourite activities do not have a creative block, it simply means blocks simply vanish with action.

Period. Blocks are vanished from action. How simple that is.

Action. When you don’t feel like.