Success is a teacher

Success is a word most people breathe in and breathe out for. Yet more than failure success brings a big set of life lessons to keep you on track; few being:

  1. Always remember what (or who) is your priority. The people who are your priority need to be your priorities even when success comes in a massive way.
  2. Be humble and keep your word (no matter how busy you are).
  3. Never stop going on a date with peace and inner happiness. Those are the foundation stones to any damn big thing that comes your way and the small things that come in your way.
  4. Be defined by kindness and the strength you stand for yourself. You cannot download it to others unless you are successful yourself (internally).
  5. Soak it all in. After all, you worked so damn hard for it. Go for it in the grandest way and remember, grandness is just another name for fam-jam and friend-jam.
  6. Never stop improving. Success tricks people into complacency unlike ever before.
  7. Most importantly, never rest on your laurels. The most famous people in the world are not remembered for what they did, they are simply remembered for what they made others feel in their presence.