How to be a good friend

Digital era of millions of followers – it is quite questionable how many of them will turn up when you actually need them, or vice versa?

The role of social media is not to create friendships, it is to share. “Look, I made this. Hope you like this, and makes your life a bit better in the process.”

Since role of social media is not friendships, the burden of becoming a good friend is reduced. And levelled up.

Coming to the few friends and family we have, consider being their most favourite listener. People know their solutions, even in the midst of a big challenge they know how to reach a solution. They do not need you to tell them a solution (unless they specifically ask for it.)

What they really need is someone to listen to them without judgement or solutions. Like all great things, this is the simplest way to be a good friend.

Bonus tip to have a good friend: “In order to have a good friend, be a good one.” – Maya Angelou