The curd syndrome

If you’ve ever entered your kitchen, you definitely know the process of setting curd. Some of the magic observations that happen during / as a result of that chemical reaction:

    It takes roughly one spoon of curd to set a big bowl of curd
    Kept for more time outside the refrigerator means sourer curd
    Keep it near a window or near a place with fan/AC on, the curd does not usually set up
    Do not stir the bowl again and again to check whether it is ready or not.

What if you and I considered our positivity and mindset like the curd. Let’s reframe all four lines above:

  1. It takes one positive person to change the environment and vibrations of a room.
  2. If the positive person, however, spends a lot of the time away from positivity in heat, the positivity gets sourer.
  3. Keep yourself in the company of naysayers (and social media) while preparation for yourself i.e., morning and evening and positivity does not get inside yourself.
  4. Do not look for results over and over again. Be patient. The last thing to come on a fruit tree is, fruit.

Next time when you have curd / yogurt make sure all the ingredients, along with environment, are set right.