While they were looking for space…

A trouser/jacket/dress with pockets feels more optimistic than one without pockets.

A cupboard with more shelves is often more stunning than similar sized one, with lesser shelves.

It is always pleasure to have a vacant seat next to yours on the airplane, to be a little more comfortable.

In childhood, Moms used to get us BIGGER size clothes. (We still feel great in pyjamas and tee instead of our designer suit/dress).

Where is that space in your life if you are constantly consuming the blue light on the phone? Make space to get bored, to walk around, to just be, to look at people walking around in the mall, walking around in the park, the yellow leaves lying on the roads during spring.

That will give you all the juice you have been looking for. That will give you the fire you are so damn missing. You can almost never go wrong when you are in tune with your intuition, that gets marred by screen.