Why are we begging for love?

At any point of time we meet someone, maybe it’s your colleague or friend or family or a stranger, we all are begging out loud: “Love me! Respect me. Like me. Approve of what I am doing!”

It happens with 99 percent of people who want those to fill up their wells whose own wells of love are empty, those people in turn are asking someone else for love.

Here’s the alternative: be someone who is filled with love. This is our essential nature: we are made up of love.

We are not going to retire on it.

Each one of us is filled with a capacity to love infinitely, as long as there is breath going in and out of your lungs. Even in relationships that are not alive today, love is not over – we have simply stopped nourishing the tree of love with those.

So starting today, be the person who loves unconditionally. Who loves irrespective of the fact that you were not invited to a party, not greeted at a meeting, were badmouthed around, or even when you are ridiculed.

Be love.

P.S.: Giving love to anyone else begins with loving yourself. When you are so full with self love, you will know the discernment between breaking the barriers of ego vs. breaking the barriers of self respect. And you will always draw healthy boundaries to protect the latter.