Stop hiding

Everyone should blog.

Even if you do not write well or do write well.

Even if not under your name, under a pseudo name.

Even if no one reads it or millions read it.

Your blog is your legacy, which you will look forward to after 5, 10, 15 years from now. It is an inspiration for generations that come after you and is a beautiful roadmap for you to see how far you have travelled.

If you have a life, you inevitably have something to share. Share it. The world needs your wisdom to move forward.

Stop hiding. We all have a bunch of people messaging their thoughts because they want the validation of blue tick of “seen”. It is seen on social media all the time. People share something and then wait to see who all liked it. Or someone who is not in your inner circle messaging you in person for something great you posted online. Stop hiding.

It takes courage to be open and that’s why many don’t.

What do you choose to be today, even if right now your product is crappy? Remember Steve Jobs: “Great artists ship.” Ship and become great in the process.

As always, thank you Seth for giving many of us the life changing habit of blogging daily.