Muscles that flex

Growing body of researches show that weight training will not make you look like a body builder, it would rather make you have the lean body you desire.

No one becomes Tigerwoods by playing golf three days a week for 45 minutes each. It requires consistent training for hours, daily, under the guidance of a coach.

The brain is nothing but a muscle. You could do three things with this muscle of yours:

  1. Nothing. If you don’t use a muscle, you lose it.
  2. Flex it a little, drop by drop: It could be reading a book for forty-five minutes, or listening to a great podcast episode.
  3. Make your brain Tigerwoods level: Do not just use it when you have to, use it like you have to be the best in world at making the best use of your brain.

We move around in the world seeing people of same ages and backgrounds doing strikingly different things and having phenomenally different results.

How does that happen? It happens because of what levels they have decided to use their brains for.