Be happy when you are criticised

Most people relate getting criticised with something wrong. They just wallow into the self-pity that there is something wrong in the person in the mirror, about being inferior, about not being good enough and most importantly, not being happy with their own journey.

That’s the perspective of those who don’t do the emotional labour.

The emotional labour of working on their mind.

The emotional labour of forgiveness when it’s least deserved and most needed.

The emotional labour of understanding that each door swings inwards.

There’s the other perspective as Robin Sharma puts it: “The respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself.” You give to others what your own well contains.

Those who own and accept, are filled with self love (sans ego) and self respect. Those who criticise and make fun of others, are probably definitely not having good fun alone.

Have sympathy at them instead of anger and thou shalt find great fun in getting criticised.

P.S.: If this was not enough, this video will convince you why getting criticised is the BEST thing to happen to you.