Who are you, btw?

Before people talk with you, they know who you are.

Not what you do or don’t do to them, rather what you think about them. It is as easy as feeling heavy or peaceful upon entering a room. You can feel it even though people’s words say otherwise.

Here’s an experiment: Pick one person around you whom you are not very fond of. Undoubtedly, they’d be feeling the same about you. For the next one week, no matter what they do, just bless this person. No opposite thought. Just bless, even though it may appear impossible to bless such a person. For your experiment, just do it.

I may write thousands of words however if you’ve experienced it yourself, that experience will become your truth.

Over the period of one week, you will notice that you have automatically stopped feeling bad in their company.

This is what you are and what you are capable of – doing your publicity without speaking a single word.

Who you are, btw? You and I have only one goal in life: to change.