Fit Doesn’t Fit

It’s incredible what power of single decision can do.

Most people look back to their lives and wish they could reverse one or two life changing decisions.

Since smart ones don’t waste their time in the past, they use all their energy to make their future stainless through the untainted present.

Today, a new story about four people like you and me got released in the form of my new book “Fit Doesn’t Fit: Why not Fitting into the world is the best thing For You (And the World)“. It’s a story about people whose past was messy, present looks gruelling and future is questionable.

Welcome to the story of Aryan, Satya, Sid and Jen – four strangers whose lives appear perfect on the outside, and on the inside, it is anything but perfect. In a series of random events, they end up taking a journey together which lands them up to having their frustrations, pains, anger and hurts to be taken off from the roots, layer by layer.

Picture this: You go to a trip with extreme strangers and when you least expected it, you are pleasantly shocked to know a professional will sit with you one-on-one for one whole day to talk about your life. Question is, what would your life look like after that?

Get the book on Amazon here or check your local amazon site – it is now available worldwide.

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