Everyone does public speaking

Ever had fear of public speaking? I did. When I was in school. Today magically it is zero. (P.S.: When my “well wishers” call me to not to put my face on my videos, I prepare videos like this 😎)

So, coming to the point, yours truly won’t ask you to go embrace your fears and speak in public (even though you should). You won’t be asked to do it because you already do it. People learn from your conduct and lifestyle and the kindness embedded in your text messages that they could never learn from the one-hour lectures that you do. If you don’t practice what you preach, over a period of time, your preaches won’t be heard.

Here’s the idea for you to consider for the next twenty four hours: you do public speaking every moment of your life. What are people listening when are speaking nothing?

That is exactly they will remember about you.