Rocking and rolling with the stones?

One of my favourite people Robin Sharma said, “If people aren’t making fun of you, you aren’t doing much.”

You are doing too good, making a lot of efforts, changing the world by your very presence, and most importantly, making sure a single negative thought does not enter your mind.

Then, all of a sudden, some people make fun of you. How you respond (or not respond) to that is doing to decide the extent you will go to.

Anyone here, ever thought, why do people find happiness at the mockery of others? Could you ever go inside the head of someone whose smile is dependent on inflicting pain to someone else? They are simply children, crying in the middle of a market, to be bought that toy by their parents. Healed or unhealed, definitely not right.

Making yourself wrong (aka angry and frustrated) in response to someone else’s wrong is not wisdom. Wisdom is providing them wisdom by your silence (in words and in the mind).