My Life, My Priorities

This is a slogan written over t-shirts in many interchangeable forms. Fortunately, this is anything but true.

“My life and my priorities” is good and works only when it involves raising other people higher. You cannot do it alone. No one can. If we believe we can do it alone, that is precisely our most basic emotions for love and connection screeching out loud for not getting out of covers.

When people get out of “me and mine” and keep “we and ours” at the forefront, every single one grows exponentially.

It is not the in-ability of people that keeps us restricted to being alone, it is their ability to bring out the best and perhaps your fears to the surface – that is most scary. It should not be, because even if the worst case scenario is project not going out as planned, you have built an irreplaceable capital of trust and human connectedness. (Btw, that is a basic human need 😶🙃)