A new step

“You are as young and alive as the obsolescence you allow in your work.” – said No One.

There are 85-year young people who are passionate in their work, and there are 12-year old kids who are unfortunately the walking deads.

Which side of the spectrum you choose to be in, is the choice you make basis where you want to go, not where you ARE.

When that intention is to bring more value into the world and to teach them how to stop fitting into the world WHILE living in the world, the joy knows no bounds.

When your work is helping loads of people have faith and confidence amidst the doom and anxiety the world offers, you know you are taking the right path.

With that path, happy to announce that the podcast “Fit Doesn’t Fit” whose sole and soul purpose is to make you internally stronger so you don’t follow the status quo and fit in, is now LIVE on Spotify.

Just a little bit of inputs for you, for 3-4 minutes every single day, with the hope to be the light in your world when many have been taking it away, unconsciously.

Access the first episode here, and hope it resonates with you at a core level.

PS: It’s coming soon on Apple Podcasts.