What’s inside the cardboard box?

We could use the Marshmellow technique to make students wear cardboard boxes while writing an exam.

We can’t teach them values.

Because guess what? Values are caught, never taught.

Well, here’s some of the values students NEED to catch:

1. To give without hoarding, instead of keeping tabs while giving.

2. To appreciate the other human being for their efforts, instead of measuring their goodness on the basis of their marks.

3. To KNOW that it’s OKAY to secure 50% or even lesser marks. They may end up becoming a TikTok Influencer and earn more money and accolades than the front-bencher with 96% marks.

4. Lesser well known, to LEARN to create beautiful work in silence, insteead of the usual “team work”. “Lots of stimulation brings out best creative results and leads to prouductivity,” said No One Ever.

5. Most importantly, learning to be okay with failure and embracing it, instead of comparing and bringing down their self-esteem.

This is not only for schools or institutions, we all have these young bloods who look up to us for teaching them how world works.

They may be our younger siblings, cousins, nephews or nieces, or even your kids.

Let the values be caught, instead of waiting to be taught.