Interesting life revelations

1. You’re not hungry. You’re simply more thirsty. Perhaps for inner fulfilment as well.

2. Scrolling is not equal to inner fulfilment.

3. Getting surprised at nothing will make your life surprisingly good.

4. Focus of 30 minutes > random efforts of 3 hours.

5. Churning over the wisdom is way more important than simply consuming it.

6. Talking and asking questions from yourself is the subtle art of mastering your senses.

7. Being honest with yourself keeps you lighter and happier.

8. Being critically and disapprovingly honest with others robs them of their self respect, perhaps for a life time.

9. Waking up in the morning with pain in the abs and quads is way better than pain in the knees.

10. Life’s tooooooo short. Be kind and work hard, that’s when you’re going to enjoy life in real sense.