The relationships between parents and children

One of the things our society is suffering with today, is lack of time.

As a kid, one of my dreams was to tell my father: Please deduct my pocket money for several months, whatever amounts to a day of your time, and spend some time with us today.

Fast forward to today: We are still trying to get along. We love each other, are there for each other during good and not-so-good times, however, I do wish I wasn’t appreciated for my ranks in class and rather appreciated for failing.

It is a constant battle of self-blame.

Also, he did and still does his best. And we do spend good time together.

However, if anyone of you reading here is a parent or intend to be so in the future, a small request: Don’t tell your kids: “I am doing it for you only!”

Kids need you, they will anyway learn to make money online. Online parents and understanding is not possible.