Forming relationships

Forming relationships is beyond connecting with people from LinkedIn to WhatsApp.

Forming relationships is just being the genuine human being that you are, without ulterior motive of collaborations.

When you do so, just because you want to give, what you’ll receive will come to you manifold.

We, the humans

Just because we are humans, we will thrive in accordance with living with other humans.

This would, in itself, make the process difficult because all humans are different.

However, if you learn to be easy, things are going to change – because you cared for the common good, you cared to make the other person feel good, and also you didn’t care to follow the angry zone of the world and marched to your own beat of ease and peace.

If you’re feeling negative

If you’re feeling negative because of someone, there are two options:

You can talk to them. Or you can’t.

If you have the relationship to talk to them, please do. It will clear all the mist.

If that relationship is not where you can talk, does it make sense to lose your sleep over? Perhaps the person needed to be talked to, is you.

Not in their WhatsApp stories

I’m sure there must be some people whom we have kept out of viewing our Instagram and WhatsApp stories. The reason could be any – whether we don’t want them to know about our life, or we simply don’t want them to be in our life at all! 

Think about it for a second: what if someone has already kept you out of their stories?

It’s natural to have a FOMO and feel bad as well.

However, what if that could be one of the best things to happen to you today?

Why do we want to know everything about everyone?

What will be the consequences if we don’t know that? Simple – we would be at more peace. And that’s elusive. Lack of indulgence is greatest power.

What if you don’t get it?

The thing that you are looking for, is superficial.

You will not get it because it depends on someone else seeing it in you.

You will get it because being honest deep within, is a rare trait to be acknowledged. Let that trait shine on, even when there is acknowledgment coming from someone else to someone else. Being authentic is rare, live up to that.

That strange DM

Today I received a LinkedIn DM from an old school mate.

Nothing real, just very small talk to strike a conversation.

And I decided to ignore it.

Not because I had some expectations of him and he had shattered them.

Rather because how long?

How long will we keep basing our dopamine on random DMs from strangers?

How long will we keep wasting our time in pursuits that cumulatively waste days from our years?

How long will we allow someone else to decide when will we be available on social and they steer the conversation?

The best people live on the edge of saying no. That’s where everything happens.

To listen to “yes’s” saying hundreds of “no’s” is the most important thing. Sometimes even in a day.

But they are wrong

When people are in the whirlwind of their emotions, when they have given everything and still believe we deserve more, people lose their control over self, and start blaming others.

What they need right now, is not a closure.

What they need is a walk.

And we need walks all the time. To think twice before hitting send. It would save us a lifetime of regret.


Goodbyes are the most beautiful things on the planet.

When we know we have to say a goodbye, all of a sudden we tend to forget what pain they caused us.

We suddenly feel regret on the pains we know we caused to them.

Why does it happen in the first place?

It happens, because we humans tend to live life on the pedestals of tomorrow.

Will make that call tomorrow.

Will call my sister tomorrow.

Will pay the credit card bill tomorrow.

The way we love tomorrow, if we loved our today the same way – no goodbye would be so painful.

Here’s a parting question: Where in your life would we feel bad, if we didn’t get a chance to say a goodbye?

Oprah was right

For several years, I’ve seen Oprah repeat Maya Angelou’s words:

When people show you who they are, believe them!

I for the longest time used to think that this was not right.

And proved myself wrong over and over again.

Oprah was very very right about what she said.

When people show you they’re mean, believe them.

When people show you they’re kind, believe them.

When people show you they’re angry, believe them.

And while you do believe them, continue believing in your own power to be super focused and powerful to what you radiate out to them. You be you, perhaps they will show you a better side of themselves.