Separation Anxiety

A colleague mentioned this term in a group, when he spoke about being away from his girlfriend.

Such word even exists?
Do people actually miss each other on being separate?
Isn’t love supposed to liberate you instead of give you anxiety?

Anyway, the only emotion I have, is gratitude – for going past such petty things.
That’s what I bless for my colleague as well. And everyone.

My list of unpopular opinions

Some unpopular opinions that are sadly true:

  1. Even the most intellectual person likes the coolest kids, even if they are dumb.
  2. We are so addicted to our problems that we actually create them!
  3. People love to help. If you keep disregarding their love, they don’t become cold blooded. YOU make them cold blooded.
  4. You don’t crave sugar. You crave the reward of feeling good.
  5. You speak the most through silence.

There is so much to blog about

One of the things I’m proud of, is I keep giving updates of my work to my boss.
Without him asking.
Because he ought to know of stuff.
Yet, at the same time, he loves not following up.
So I share.
Because it is right.

On the other hand, I followed up with a team member who is running late with her work.
Sure, I am telling you so that “tu aaraam se reh sake”

Is that not your work?

I just wish…
I just wish!


We all have variety of friends.

However, everyone has these common characteristics:

  • They make you feel valued
  • You don’t have to go beg for attention
  • They care about loving you as much as they care about loving themselves, and vice versa
  • You have clear communications, even fights
  • You feel alive in their company, not left alone.

The cool kids we hate

There is certainly ONE cool kid around you.
The one wearing a high attitude.
The one whose WhatsApp messages everyone responds to.

Here’s the truth about those cool kids:

  • They are suffering a lot inside
  • So they use that coolness to mask it
  • And not treat others well
  • And get to feel good about themselves
  • And the cycle continues

Here’s what you should bear in mind, whenever you come across these cool kids in whose company you don’t feel welcome:

  • Respect your own journey
  • Move on
  • Bless them

The ones who make others suffer, are the ones who are suffering hugely inside.

The saint and the prostitute

There was once a saint who lived up there, in the mountains. To meditate. And think positive thoughts.

In the hut, just opposite to his, used to live a prostitute. Every day, she used to look at the saint and be inspired – as to this is how I should be living my life – filled with positivity, and thinking of God.

Meanwhile, the saint used to look at the prostitute’s house, and think about how she is ruining her life, how her life is terrible, and how he would never want a life like that.

Several years later, they both died.

Up in the clouds, it was decided that the prostitute will go to heaven and the saint will go to hell.

“Why, I was meditating whole day?” rebelled the saint.

Here’s what the administrators up there told them:

It is not what you do, it is what you are thinking about whole day, that makes the difference. While you were busy mocking the prostitute in your mind, she was busy idealising a meditative lifestyle.

It turns out, our thoughts actually run or ruin the world.

Happy – not anymore?

Even thebiggest happiness could being about a place of sadness if you happen to compare yourself to others.

Someone else, younger than you, is going to get all the things you have been waiting for.

Does it feel bad! Maybe yes.

Should it feel bad? The answer to this could never be yes.

What’s the solution, then? The solution is to put yourself in more I more situations like these because that only would help you work harder and challenge yourself more often.

Think over it. Someone else won, you lost; and then you created your own plan of confidence a reality.